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Banana's want you to be happy - look at how they smile to you!

Banana Popsicles din popular snacks for young and old. Snacking has never been so much fun.

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Here you can find out how to prepare them and which nutrients bring us which benefits. One thing is already clear - our favourite cocoa does not disappoint!



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Granted, the banana is not the most nutritious fruit and it is not a local product either. But it is a popular sweetener, especially if you want to get away from conventional household sugar. What makes the banana so interesting from a health point of view?

Besides numerous vitamins and nutrients, the banana has a lot of potassium. With 5 bananas you cover the potassium content (1-1.5 banana(s) are enough to cover the daily requirement of an infant from 0-12 months).

Potassium is especially important for people with arterial disease and high blood pressure. Potassium promotes sodium rejection via the kidneys and thus influences blood pressure.



The following information relates in particular to raw food quality cacao from trustworthy cultivation. Only then do we benefit from the valuable nutrients and positive properties of cacao:

Acid-base balance | This is a complex topic but this is how cacao is classified by the "Wacker" method as a "good acid" and thus supports our acid-base balance in the body.

Blood sugar stabiliser | Cocoa is rich in chromium. Chromium supports the stabilisation of our blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Which is especially exciting for people with diabetes.

Weight loss | Yes, you read that right! Chromium also supports carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Only 60g cover the daily requirement of an adult.

All-rounder | Cocoa also provides a lot of copper and copper is significantly involved in the build-up of thyroid hormones. In addition, copper strengthens the immune system, supports wound healing and ensures healthy joints. With 35g, the daily requirement of an adult is covered.

Popey muscles | If only Popey had eaten more cocoa, all the children would probably have been happier :) Because of the high amount of magnesium in cocoa, it has positive (relaxing) properties for our muscles, nerves and soul. It also regulates blood pressure, inhibits inflammation in the body and stimulates over 300 metabolic processes. Only 50g cover the daily requirement.

Protein supporter | Cocoa also has a lot of potassium and thus also supports the building of proteins. 60g already cover the daily requirement.

Energy | Attention to all those with an iron deficiency. Only 25g of raw cacao cover the daily iron requirement of an adult. Even better, the same amount of cacao covers the daily requirement of copper and copper supports iron absorption.

Strong bones | Strong bones and detoxifying properties with manganese. Approx. 80g cocoa cover the daily requirement.

Amino acids | All 8 essential amino acids are present in cocoa. With 100g you cover your daily requirement of threonine, tryptophan and valine. Threonine strengthens the heart and muscles, tryptophan promotes good sleep and good mood, and valine regulates blood sugar levels and the transport of all amino acids. But phenylalanine and lysine are also strongly represented. More about the amino acids here.


Bananen Popsicles recipe

Make your own banana ice cream now! Here I show some inspiration:

For 2 popsicles:

▽ 1 banana (cut in half crosswise).

▽ Reusable stalks

▽ vegan chocolate (homemade or bought), melted

▽ Toppings: nuts, fruit (fresh/dried), berries (fresh/dried), nut puree, salt, caramel..........


  1. Add the reusable stalks into the bananas and place in the freezer for at least 2h.

  2. Just before taking the bananas out, place the toppings in bowls and melt the chocolate.

  3. Optionally, you can also mix the chocolate with the toppings already, which makes it a little easier to apply to the bananas because the chocolate hardens super quickly on the cold bananas and the toppings then no longer stick.

  4. Remove the bananas from the freezer, add the chocolate and toppings.

  5. Enjoy immediately or place in the freezer again.

Topping ideas:

  • Salty caramel

  • Peanut butter - jam/jelly

  • almond puree - almond pieces

  • hazelnut - pomegranate seeds

  • fresh strawberries

  • and much more...


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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