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Copper belongs to the micronutrients and is an essential trace element.

Copper is a very underestimated and unknown micronutrient. But would you have thought that it is the 3rd most common trace element in our body? Only zinc and iron are more abundant. And so it is also used in your body in many ways, because it intervenes in many functions of the body.



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Function of copper

Blood | It is necessary for the formation of red blood cells.

Iron-assistant | It supports your iron absorption

Immune-pro | Copper is antioxidant and strengthens your immune system.

Healing | It promotes wound healing

Nerves | It forms messenger substances for your nervous system

Energy | Copper is necessary for cellular respiration; it provides energy for your cells.

Beauty | It keeps skin and hair beautiful. By promoting pigmentation and strengthening connective tissue and your joints.



Although it is the 3rd most common trace element in the body, it is still needed in very small quantities. For example, 1.5EL cashews or 1/2 a banana cover the daily requirement of an adult. In raw vegan cuisine, copper can be easily integrated with sunflower seeds. Soaked and mixed with spices, they can be used to conjure up very individual sauces, such as cream sauce, tzatziki and many more.


Plantbased sources

These top 5 foods meet the daily requirement of 1mg:

  • 20g cumin

  • 30g cashews

  • 35g cocoa

  • 50g bananas

  • 80g sunflower seeds & spirulina each

Other foods (sorted by content, top to low)

Pumpkin seeds (100g), Sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts, Pine nuts, Buckwheat, Millet, Nuts, White beans, Cinnamon, Nettle, Green leafy vegetables (1.2kg)...


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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