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Manganese belongs to the micronutrients and is an essential trace element.

First of all, not enough is known about manganese. But what we do know is that it is an essential trace element and therefore vital for life.

Plant-based diets provide us with an excellent supply of manganese, so we cannot assume that we are deficient. This also applies to people with a mixed diet. For this reason, it is generally not advisable to add manganese to food supplements. Especially because an excess can have toxic effects. However, this fear does not exist with larger consumption of manganese via natural foods.

Manganese participates in bone, inulin and insulin metabolism. It also has an antioxidant effect on us when taken in moderation. In therapy and by a specialist, manganese is used concomitantly with targeted other nutrients for schizophrenia, epilepsy, sperm formation, blood clotting and hearing impairments.



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Function of manganese

Strengthening of bones | Participates in building bone metabolism

Detoxification | Manganese has an antioxidant effect

Blood sugar | It supports inulin and insulin synthesis



The absorption of manganese can be inhibited by tannins, such as black tea or coffee, but also by iron and calcium.


Daily requirement

In addition to the WHO recommendations, PLANeTBASED recommendations are mentioned in red. The individual diet must be taken into account; do you tend to eat low-salt food, do you season with iodised salt or not, do you tend to cook with ready-made products or freshly cooked food, mixed food, vegan or raw vegan, etc.?


Plantbased sources

These top 5 foods meet the daily requirement of 2mg

  • 100g oats

  • 140g rice

  • 200g wholemeal wheat bread

  • 230g coconut

  • 500g Brazil nuts

Other foods (sorted by content, top to low)

Sultanas (645g), millet, pulses, flaxseed, nuts, green leafy vegetables, dark berries (blueberries, aronia berries...) maize, cauliflower (1.6kg)...


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