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The history

With my second daughter the desire grew to raise my family as healthy as possible. I seeked help through two different nutritionists. They both were rather disappointing and I left their offices with more questions than I had when I entered the office. That was the moment I decided to get the knowledge myself. I completed the certificate as a nutritionist in 2021. Following that everything took its courses; I completed an additional certificate as a systemic organizational coach and as change practitioner. 

I am beyond grateful for the fact that I took fate into my own hands. That led me to this hidden passion I always had and patiently was waiting for me to be recognized. 

Initially I wanted to change the world. I felt like I had all the answers. But I quickly learned that I cannot force people into change. I have to understand their journey, history and desires. But most for all, I have to trust people find me and not the other way round. 



My story

As a mother of two children, I strive to keep myself informed about health-promoting measures. My study's at "DEINE Nutrition" provided me with in-depth knowledge of the body, soul and health. I also attended webinars on a regular basis. As a result, I have in depth knowledge about:
- Raw vegan cuisine
- Ortomolecular medicine
- Colon health and colon cleansing
- Family-friendly kitchen incl. nutrition for baby's & children

- Detoxing

- pregnancy and breastfeeding women

In November 2020 I completed my training as a systematic coach. An education that can be wonderfully applied to any situation in life.
I also work 60% in the financial sector in the digital innovation area. In this respect, I am experienced in considering the work-life-balance.

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