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I offer four types of coaching. Take a look!


Self coaching


My goal is to make you fit enough so that you only need yourself. To achieve this, you should build your knowledge and strengthen your own intuition. Maybe the free knowledge on my social media platforms is already enough for you?


at no costs

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Single coaching

Chose one of the options below


CHF 180

Specifit to a topic
Get a coaching to a specific topic of your choice

1h topic specific coaching 

supporting documents

30min closing coaching session

Possible topics: sport, nutrition for kids, cooking for guests...


1. 30min for free 

2. chose one of the 3 packages

3. add further hours
if you like


CHF 290

Personal light
2 personalised sessions and a nutrition plan

1h personalised coaching and goal setting

personalised dcouments

1h coaching incl. planning of next steps


CHF 450

Personal intensive
3-month support

1h personalised coaching and goal setting

personalised documents

Twice a 1h check-in session

1h coaching Inch. planning of next steps

Group coaching

Together it's more fun!
With a group of 3-8 people, I will accompany you with a specific topic via WhatsApp and

be available for questions during the program.

For booking, follow the steps 1-3

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Step 2

Licht und Schatten

Step 3

Chose the topic of your interest

Routinely healthy!

Learn simple and healthy routines for your daily life withing this six week program.

coming soon

Intro to intermittend fasting

coming soon

Get a 30min intro session for free

chose the package of your choice

Chose the topic of your interest

Chose one of the packages below

three plus

CHF 180/person

3-4 ppl per group

five plus

CHF 150/person

5-6 ppl. per group

seven plus

CHF 120/person

7-8 ppl. per group

Intro to Veganismus

coming soon

vegan families

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