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Trans fats have become a dirty word for me. The countless negative effects are significant. If only I had known about them earlier! It's easy to avoid them in your own kitchen. In processed products from the supermarket they are harder to find.

Trans fats are not recognised by our bodies as harmful and are stored in the body. Especially in the cell membrane, which prevents communication in and between cells. This can also lead to the cells no longer being able to respond to messenger substances such as insulin, which in turn can lead to diabetes. Deposition in the brain, further lead to a certain rigidity, which can be the breeding ground for other diseases like Alzheimer's, ADHD, dementia... lead. Also acne or dandruff. Thyroid hormones also react negatively to trans fatty acids.


Where do trans fats hide?

In processed products, trans fats are hidden under the terms

  • Partially hydrogenated fats

  • Vegetable fats

  • Hydrogenated fats

They are typically found in mayonnaise, crisps, biscuits, margarine and other ready-made products. An indication can be finished products that have been prepared with sunflower oil, because sunflower oil is not heat-resistant and forms trans-fatty acids when heated. The industry has recognised its harmfulness and it has been largely excluded from products. Nevertheless, they are still present today.

I recommend the following products for safe use in the kitchen:

  • Coconut oil

  • clarified butter/ghee

Both fats are heat-resistant and do not oxidise when heated. I recommend using all other oils exclusively without heating, and also only cold-pressed.

Olive oil can withstand a certain amount of heat. But if it gets too hot, the olive oil also oxidises.

Sound knowledge about the macronutrient of fats can be acquired in my other blog post.


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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