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Routinely healthy! - the program

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine" Mike Murdock

One of my favorite programs is the "Routinely Healthy!" Group Coaching. Health can sometimes be so banally simple. We like to be convinced by advertising promises and go down paths that are not feasible in the long run. The secret is in your routines. It is said that an action must be performed regularly at least seven times for our body and mind to grasp it as a routine.

My six-week program "Routinely Healthy" aims to do just that. Get an impression here why this program is also feasible and exciting for you!

In six weeks to long-term health

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Content of program

The program lasts six weeks and each week includes three challenges in three different areas that may be performed daily. The three areas are:

1) Nutrition

b) Movement

c) Relaxation & Sleep

In each week we dive deep into each challenge. The challenges are structured in such a way that they can be implemented by the majority. For example, I am not going to ask for a 30-minute program, that is likely not realistic for a long-term daily routine, but rather a 2-second back exercise for better posture. Or a cleverly incorporated 2-minute balance exercise. The nutrition challenge doesn't call for a complicated vegan menu, but rather small additions to your usual diet. And I won't whisk my clients away to a meditation retreat either, but rather cleverly cut blue lights from the evening program to improve sleep.

These are just a few examples of the program.


For whom is the program?

Really almost all. No previous experience is needed, no specific age or weight. It is exciting for...

...athletics, non-athletics, health conscious people or also people less conscious to healthiness. Young people, seniors, tall, short, experienced, as well as inexperienced...and so on.

The program is most fun when accompanied by your friends or colleagues. The program starts with a number of 3 and accompanies a maximum of 8 people.


Characteristics of the program

The program is a WhatsApp group. I create a group and invite the participants to it. Here we exchange ideas for six weeks. At the beginning of each week, I introduce the three new challenges. As the week progresses, detailed background information on each Challenge follows. Each piece of information is accompanied by a voice message. So everyone can decide for themselves which format fits better into their daily routine; reading or listening.

During the program, I am available to answer your questions via chat. For sensitive questions, you can also contact me separately during the program.

The chat is a platform for exchange and fun. Use it as a circle of friends to motivate each other, share derived ideas and have fun together.


Enrollment & contact

What are you waiting for?? Find 2-7 friends or colleagues and contact me to form the croup and kick-off for new healthy daily activities.

"routinely healthy!"-vitality program by PLANeTBASED


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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