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Phosphorus belongs to the micronutrients and is an acid-forming bulk element.

Few people know how much phosphorus is involved in strengthening our bones. Probably because it is overshadowed by calcium. But more than 80% of our phosphorus in the body is found in the bones.

It is also a component of DNA and ATP. What is it? An energy carrier. In order for the processes in the cells to run properly, they need energy. ATP. And written out, it means "adenosine triphosphate".



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Function of phosphorus

Phosphorus fulfils the following tasks in our organism:

Bone formation | Is mainly a component of our bones.

Energy supplier | Participates in energy metabolism in the form of ATP.

Hereditary carrier | We find phosphorus in the DNA.


Daily requirement

The phosphorus requirement depends on age, with the highest requirement being between 10 and 19 years. It is precisely during this time that a growth spurt is observed in adolescents and children. It makes sense that the demand is increased at this time because the bones have to support the growth spurt.


Plantbased sources

These top 5 foods meet the daily requirement of 700mg:

  1. 55g wheat bran

  2. 80g poppy seeds

  3. 105g Brazil nuts & flaxseed

  4. 170g Walnuts

  5. 175g Legumes

Other foods (sorted by content, top to low)

Legumes (175g), Oatmeal, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Brown Rice, Crispbread, Millet, Pecans, Nettle, Artichokes, Mushroom, Vegetables, Cabbage Vegetables, Berries, Potatoes, Fruit (2.6kg)...


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