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Iodine belongs to the micronutrients and is an essential trace element.

Iodine also belongs to the essential trace elements. Essential in this context means that the body cannot produce it itself and absolutely needs it for a healthy functioning body.

Iodine is particularly elementary for your thyroid gland and the production of its hormones. The thyroid gland controls an incredible number of processes in the body. It converts macronutrients into energy (ATP), it regulates your body temperature and various metabolic processes such as digestion and oxygen distribution. It activates heart activity. Iodine is especially important during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It ensures the growth and maturation of the child's brain and bones. Der Jodgehalt Deiner Lebensmittel ist abhängig vom Jodgehalt im Boden. In unseren Breitengrad gilt der Boden als eher jodarm, weshalb sich das jodierte Salz stark etabliert hat. Paradoxerweise gilt es aber eher eine Überdosierung als ein Mangel zu vermeiden. Denn beides kann ernsthafte Krankheiten auslösen. Ja eine Überdosierung kann sogar Autoimmunkrankheiten auslösen. Es lohnt sich deshalb einen Blick in die Zutatenliste zu werfen. Denn was oft nicht bedacht wird ist, dass dieses Salz in fast allen Fertigprodukten zu finden ist. Kumuliert betrachtet befinden wir uns dann schnell in einem Zuviel.



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Function of iodine

Thyroid | Iodine participates in the production of vital thyroid hormones.

Embryos | Iodine has an influence on the intelligence of unborn children.


Iodised table salt

Today's table salt, like household sugar, is a concentrated product low in minerals and vitamins. That is why it has been banned from my kitchen. I cover the iodine content with seaweed, for example the seaweed mix from PureRaw or with sea salt enriched with iodine-containing seaweed. You can find the latter at Alnatura The seaweed can be sneaked in everywhere: in salads, smoothies, muesli, even in baby food.


Daily requirement

In addition to the WHO recommendations, PLANeTBASED recommendations are mentioned in red. The individual diet must be taken into account; do you tend to eat low-salt food, do you season with iodised salt or not, do you tend to cook with ready-made products or freshly cooked food, mixed food, vegan or raw vegan, etc.?


Plantbased sources

These top 5 foods meet the daily requirement of 150mcg

  • 45-115g Kombu seaweed

  • 95-100g Arame seaweed

  • 570-2'000g Wakame seaweed

  • 3.3kg+ Nori seaweed

  • 5kg+ Sea salt & iodised table salt each

Other foods (sorted by content, top to low)

Spirulina, nut lettuce, broccoli, cashews, mushroom, peanuts...



Iodine deficiency during pregnancy must be avoided at all costs, because it endangers the health of the unborn child.

In adults, an iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid dysfunction. This is a disease that particularly affects women. Are you looking for supportive guidance here? Then contact me.


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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