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Who doesn't love cooked meals? Menus ranging from lasagne to fondue. All now traditional dishes that we can't imagine life without. I'm not here to badmouth these menus. As always, it's the quantity that counts. I'm also a big opponent of doing without and a huge fan of new routines. In this respect, I still enjoy cooking food. For my body sensation, it's part of it. The difference comes in eating around it. The addition of raw foods. Raw food is on the fast track and the variations are immense. It's definitely worth trying them out. I also regularly share recipes from raw vegan cuisine. Unfortunately, although the body can process denatured food, our digestive system is permanently required to work tirelessly, causing a loss of energy in other processes. Cell regeneration is one of them.


Heating and its consequences

Heating food above 42 degrees Celcius, triggers chemical compounds that result in the following changes:

  • Enzymes, vitamins and minerals are destroyed.

  • Carbohydrates are broken down and lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar.

  • Proteins are denatured at 43 degrees Celsius and above.

  • Addictive substances are produced, such as gluteomorphins (from gluten) or kaseomorphins (from milk).

This means that heated food in excess blinds our instincts to a certain degree. Similar observations of addictive reactions as well as instinct lowering effects have been found in animals.


Harmful substances

There are known harmful substances that are produced by heating. For example:

Acrylamides | Suspected carcinogenic & mutagenic effect. Formed when carbohydrates are heated to over 120 degrees in combination with protein. Above 180 degrees, the body can almost no longer metabolise and excrete the acrylamides, whereupon the body deposits them in the connective tissue.

Advanced Glycaded Endproducts (AGEs) | suspected carcinogens & mutagens (WHO, 2015). Formed when grilling and frying food. Must be excreted via the kidneys. Everything that the kidneys cannot handle is stored in the body and leads to diseases of civilisation.

Trans fats | Heating of non-heat stable unsaturated fats like vegetable oils (sunflower oil...), lead to trans fatty acids. Read more about this in my blog on trans fats.


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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