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Chloride and sulphur belong to the micronutrients and are acid-forming bulk elements.

Chlorine or chloride is an important component of stomach acid. Gastric acid, in turn, is the very defence against pathogens and thus an important player in our immune defence. Not only that, chloride also contributes significantly to the balance of the acid-base balance. Chloride is particularly present in common table salt (sodium chloride) and is therefore found wherever sodium is found. But doing without this salt does not mean a deficiency. Chloride as well as sodium can be found in many foods, which is why a deficiency can almost never occur. Like sodium and potassium, it also belongs to the electrolytes; the communication between cells and the transmission of information in the nerve network.

Sulphur is often used in detoxification cures. Especially in organic form as methylsulfonylmenthan (MSM). As the third most abundant element in our body, sulphur is involved in countless processes. We find it almost everywhere - in the hair, in the nails, in the muscles and bones, as well as tendons and fasciae. That is why it is often used therapeutically for diseases such as arthrosis or osteoporosis.

In principle, sulphur is also covered in a balanced diet. We absorb it mainly as a component of amino acids.



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Function of chloride & sulphur

Chloride has very diverse tasks in the body:

  • Osmosis | Chloride maintains osmotic pressure.

  • Acid-base balance | Ensures a balanced acid-base balance.

  • Immune defence | An indispensable component of gastric acid. A well-functioning stomach acid is half the battle for a strong immune defence.

  • Blood pressure | Together with sodium, blood pressure is influenced.

Sulphur is less versatile, but we would not want to do without it for detoxification:

  • Chameleon | Sulphur is a component of amino acids, enzymes & hormones.

  • Detoxification | It contributes significantly to the detoxification of our body.


Daily requirement

Chlorine/Chloride | The daily requirement according to SGE for adults is 2300mg. For children it is between 300-2000mg.

Sulphur | The daily requirement according to the SGE for adults is 550mg.


Plantbased sources

Chloride is present in common table salt. If you want to do without industrialised salt, chloride is also abundantly covered in fruit, vegetables and salads. A deficiency cannot be assumed in a healthy diet.

A valuable source of sulphur is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). It has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, stimulates tissue circulation and promotes wound healing. It binds harmful substances to itself and causes them to be excreted. That is why it is so valuable for a detoxification cure.


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