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Boron belongs to the micronutrients and is an essential trace element.

Boron plays an essential role in the immune and hormonal system, and also plays a central role in bone metabolism, which is why it is often used therapeutically for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There are studies that show that people in countries with boron-poor soils suffer more frequently from arthritis/osteoporosis.

Boron also has pain-relieving properties and assists in vitamin D synthesis.

It is also interesting that boron has the property of reducing the excretion of calcium and magnesium via the kidneys. This is particularly exciting for people who suffer from arthrosis and osteoporosis and who absorb calcium poorly.

Do you take vitamin D supplements and still have trouble absorbing the vitamin? This could be due to a magnesium or boron deficiency. Both are important for vitamin D synthesis.



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Function of boron

Let's see why boron is unfoundedly a lesser-known quantity element:

Immune defence | It participates significantly in the immune and hormone system and thus alleviates symptoms in menopause or concentration disorders.

Bone metabolism | It influences our bone metabolism and thus helps with arthrosis and osteoporosis.

Rejuvenating elixir | Not only does it contribute to vitamin D synthesis, it also participates in cell regeneration and cell division.

Analgesic | Boron has an analgesic property.


Daily requirement

The daily requirement of boron for an adult person is between 0.3mg and 1mg.


Plantbased sources

These top 5 foods meet the daily requirement of 0.3mg:

  • 15g peach

  • 25g cucumber

  • 35g dried plums

  • 45g radish

  • 50g nuts

Other foods (sorted by content, top to low)

Celery (90g), avocado, red wine, cereals, red grape juice, tomato (1kg)...


Bor to be used as therapy

Boron can be used therapeutically for the following diseases.

▽ osteoarthritis

▽ osteoporosis

▽ Back pain

▽ Tension

▽ Sciatic pain

▽ Lumbago

▽ Slipped disc

Consult a doctor or experienced coach. Never implement such therapies on your own.


xoxo your good-life coach Claudia 💋

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